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111  · copper and copper alloy seamless condenser tubes & ferrule stock: astm: b100: rolled copper alloy bearing and expansion plates and sheets for bridge and other structural uses: seamless pipe and tube: astm: b315: seamless copper alloy pipe and tube: asme: sb315: copper-silicon alloy seamless pipe and tube: sheet: astm: b169/b169m

Density lb/cu in. at 68°F: 0.287

COPPER ALLOY No. C61300 | Alloy Digest | ASM Digital

198531 · Abstract. Copper Alloy No. C61300 is a copper-aluminum-tin alloy. It is characterized by medium strength, medium ductility and a good capacity for being hot worked or cold worked. It has good resistance to corrosion. Its many applications include bolts, nuts, corrosion-resistant vessels, machine parts, piping systems, marine fasteners


ASTM C61300 - Copper Alloys

C61300 contains 2.5% iron, which facilitates added strength and acts as a grain refiner. C61300 also contains a small addition of tin, which aids corrosion resistance. The alloy is mainly produced in the form of plates for sea water applications and is also used in water condensing systems.

Alloy Type: Wrought

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